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Probate and Administration of Estate Fees

There are two steps to administering an estate, first obtaining a Grant of Probate and second collecting in and distributing the estate.




Grant of Probate Only – Fixed Fee


Our fixed fee for obtaining only a Grant of Probate for a simple estate is £800 plus VAT.


Grant of Probate and Administration of Estate


To obtain a Grant of Probate and to collect in and distribute a simple estate, including arranging the proper settlement of debts, funeral and testamentary expenses before distributing the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will, our fee is likely to be in the range of £1,800 to £3,600 plus VAT where the number of hours work involved is expected to be between 10 to 20 hours charged at our hourly rate for experienced solicitors of £180 plus VAT.


These fees apply where:  

  • the Deceased died domiciled in England and Wales;

  • the Deceased died leaving a valid Will;

  • you are providing us with all of the financial information and details of liabilities at date of death;

  • there is no Inheritance Tax payable and the Executors do not need to submit a full account to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs;

  • there is no more than one property (note that any costs relating to the sale or transfer of the property are not included in the above fees);

  • there are no more than three bank or building society accounts;

  • there are no other intangible assets;

  • there are no more than three beneficiaries ;

  • there are no disputes between beneficiaries on the division of assets;

  • there are no claims made against the estate;




In addition to our costs, there are fees that we may have to pay to a third party.  They include:

  • Probate Application Fee: currently £155 plus 50p per office copy of the Grant.  

  • Statutory Advertisements in the London Gazette and local newspapers. These protect the Executors against unexpected claims from unknown creditors. The costs are estimated to be in the region of £150 to £300 plus VAT

  • Bankruptcy only Land Charges Department searches £2 per person.

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