Ensuring your legacy

WIlls & Probate


Everyone should have a will. A will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are met after you die.  Your property, money, investments and possessions will go to the people and organisations you care about.

If you do not have a will then the rules of intestacy will apply. There will be no choice about how these rules will be applied and your assets may well go to people who you would not wish to inherit. For example, a partner who is not married or in a civil partnership will have no right to inherit unless you have a will.

A professionally drawn up will can help minimise any tax payable on your estate. Any bequests you would like to make can be incorporated and a will is the ideal place to record your wishes relating to potential guardians for your children should you die.

Crossmans will be pleased to assist if you wish to make a will.


An executor appointed under a will, or an administrator of the estate if there was no will, is under a duty to realise the assets and transfer them to the beneficiaries. Inheritance tax returns may need to be dealt with and Probate or Letters of Administration applied for.

Crossmans can apply for probate and administer the estate for you through to distribution if required. This would avoid the need to set up and operate an executors account. Crossmans will provide impartial legal advice in what can be a stressful situation.

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